Cities and Networks IV: New Frontiers

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Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 5:00 PM / 6:40 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Diplomat Room, Omni, West
Organizers: Zachary Neal, Celine Rozenblat
Chairs: Zachary Neal


The internal dynamics of cities can often be viewed as emerging from the interaction of multiple types of networks, including the social networks of people and the infrastructure networks of roads and utilities. At the same time, the dynamics of urban systems can also often be understood emerging from networks, including the economic and transportation networks that link cities into a world city network. Accordingly, research on cities and networks (a.k.a. urban networks) now spans multiple scales, topics, and disciplines. This work has spurred new scholarly conversations in a number of venues, including:
- The Ghent symposium on The Future of Urban Networks
- A special issue in Networks and Spatial Economics
- A special issue in the Journal of Urban Affairs
- The forthcoming Handbook of Cities and Networks
- The upcoming Perth symposium on Economic and Social Networks in Peripheral Cities
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To continue this conversation and further advance research on cities and networks, we invite abstracts for one or more sessions focused on this topic. While all submissions should focus on some aspect of a structural conception of network(s) in urban context(s), we encourage a broad range of submissions related to cities and networks:
- At any scale: within-city, between-city, global, local
- In any domain: social, infrastructure, economic, etc
- Theoretical, methodological, and empirical work

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Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter John Hanson*, University of Reading, Ancient data, modern methods? 20 5:00 PM
Presenter Fangcao Xu*, Penn State University, An Algorithm to Infer the Spatiotemporal Diffusion Network 20 5:20 PM
Presenter Antoine Peris*, TU Delft, Evert Meijers, TU Delft, Willem Jan Faber, National library of the Netherlands, Long term evolution of information circulation between cities 20 5:40 PM
Presenter Mikhail Rogov*, University of Lausanne, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, CĂ©line Rozenblat, University of Lausanne, Faculty of Geosciences and Environment, Shade Shutters, Arizona State University, Global Institute of Sustainability, Multi-level approach to urban resilience: conceptual and operational model 20 6:00 PM
Discussant Zachary Neal Michigan State University 20 6:20 PM

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