Migrant politics and the changing geographies of nationalism and citizenship 1:bottom up perspectives, actions and spaces

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 8:00 AM / 9:40 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Marriott Ballroom Salon 1, Marriott, Lobby Level
Organizers: Elizabeth Mavroudi, Marta Erdal
Chairs: Elizabeth Mavroudi


This session brings together papers on the ways in which migrants are (and are not) political, in the current context where exclusionary nationalism is on the rise in many parts of the world. This is also a time at which more nation-states than ever before allow dual citizenship, motivated by very different interests. Papers will explore intersections of migrant politics, nationalism and citizenship from the perspective of migrants, descendants and diasporas broadly, as well as from states in their policies.

We wish to encourage discussion on the extent to which migrants in different contexts are able to be political, and whether they feel that by doing so, they are effecting any meaningful changes in their lives and those of others. In turn, even if they feel political/politicised, what are they actually able to do in material terms? What are the myriad impacts of migrant politics on urban, rural and online landscapes? And what are the limits to migrant politics in relation to power?

Furthermore, the session will deal with varying notions of nationalism – from the exclusionary – to the inclusive, in the context both of migrant politics and of states approaches to manage, facilitate or constrain such politics. Within this context, the empirical reality of dual citizenship, often allowing voting from abroad, is an important dimension of how migrant politics are stretched across time and space. There is therefore further need for systematic and comparative research to analyse the intersections of migrant politics, nationalism and citizenship.

Our understanding of politics is deliberately broad and seeks to encompass formal and informal activities and processes carried out in collective and individual ways. Our use of migrant is also broad and includes all those 'on the move'. We are also interested in new theorisations on migrant politics which resonate with the challenges and opportunities migrants have in the contemporary world, not least relating to changing geographies of nationalism and citizenship.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Elizabeth Mavroudi Loughborough University 10 8:00 AM
Presenter Mario Bruzzone*, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Living the ungrievable life: Central American migrants in Mexico and survival amidst social devaluation 20 8:10 AM
Presenter Pia Hollenbach*, , Tanuja Thurairajah*, Ms./Mrs., Performing nationalisms: Tamil migrant politics in Switzerland 20 8:30 AM
Presenter Elizabeth Mavroudi*, Loughborough University, Learning to be political: a comparative case study of young people in the Greek, Palestinian and Jewish diasporas 20 8:50 AM
Presenter Marta Erdal*, PRIO, Citizenship, degrees of attachment and the politics of (trans)national membership 20 9:10 AM

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