Ethnic and Environmental Conflicts and Governance in the Global South

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cultural and Political Ecology Specialty Group, China Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 1:10 PM / 2:50 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Palladian, Omni, West
Organizers: Li Zhang, Gustavo Oliveira
Chairs: Gustavo Oliveira


Indigenous peoples, ethnic minorities, and other marginalized communities in the Global South are at the forefront of multiple social and environmental crises. There are complex dynamics of conflict that reproduce, advance, resist, and transform past relations of colonization, imperialism, patriarchy, and various articulations of class, racial, and gendered exclusion and oppression. These are expressed particularly in terms of environmental governance, urbanization, rural development, resitance to natural resource extraction, and struggles for sovereignty, autonomy, and democratization of post-colonial states. In this session, we gather cutting-edge, fieldwork-based research with multiple methods and theoretical frameworks, particularly political ecology, critical development studies, critical agrarian studies, critical ethnic and gender studies, covering transnational cases across the Global South. Collectively, our research findings aim to cultivate new insights on these themes, providing a collegial environment for presenters and other participants to engage in productive discussion and possible future collaborations.

All papers have been invited due to their close thematic connections and synergies, therefore we will hold a collective discussion (Q&A) at the end of the session for all papers together. A discussant will begin with very brief remarks that outline key points of convergence among all papers and suggest two cross-panel questions for discussion, then the floor will be opened to the audience.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Gustavo Oliveira University of California - Irvine 5 1:10 PM
Presenter Kavitha Ramsamy*, Rutgers University, The “Place” of Gandhi and Indians in South Africa 15 1:15 PM
Presenter Pallavi Raonka*, Virginia Tech, The politics of Forest and Indigenity in Jharkhand 15 1:30 PM
Presenter Tracy Hruska*, UC Berkeley, Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy, and Mgmt, Pastoral Development as Pastoral Elimination: Rangeland Settler Colonialism 15 1:45 PM
Presenter Li Zhang*, China Agricultural University / Cornell University, The Price of Peace and Modernization: Ethnic Minorities, Nationalism, and Food Sovereignty in China 15 2:00 PM
Presenter Shang-ming Huang*, Graduate School of Disaster Management, Central Police University, Taiwan, Pei-Shan Sonia Lin, Graduate School of Disaster Management, Central Police University, Taiwan, An Actor-Network Theory Analysis of the Impacts of Flood Governance Policies on the Xizhou Tribe in Taiwan 15 2:15 PM
Discussant Gustavo Oliveira University of California - Irvine 20 2:30 PM

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