Hazards, Risks, and Disasters ** Guided Poster ** Session & Competition Award

Type: Guided Poster
Sponsor Groups: Hazards, Risks, and Disasters Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (MDT)
Room: Roosevelt 3.5, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Cristina Muñoz, Md ASIF RAHMAN
Chairs: Cristina Muñoz

Call for Submissions

We seek student and early career poster presentations from any research topic within hazards, risk, and disasters. Poster on environmental and climate related research will also be considered. Students of all academic levels (undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D.) and early career scholars are invited to submit their guided poster abstract. This is a poster competition. Awards will be to the most engaging poster/research/presentation. Please send abstracts and PINs to Cristina Muñoz (cristina-munoz@uiowa.edu).

Guided Poster Sessions are one of the best ways to present your work. Participants have several minutes to recap the major points and findings from your research, and the audience discuss the presented work. Guided Poster presentations tend to attract more high-quality interactions and better feedback than paper presentations.

Guided Poster Session
A guided poster is a short oral summary of problem, data, method, and findings presented in poster format, followed by a one-on-one or small group discussion with interested listeners. Each presenter will post illustrations and other relevant materials on a poster board supplied by the AAG. All oral summaries will be given at the beginning of each session before participants disperse to the poster boards around the room.

3- to 5-minute presentation for each participant
8-12 presentations per session
4' x 8' poster board (landscape-oriented only)
Abstracts for each presenter are required and are presented during session


Hazards, Risks, and Disasters ** Guided Poster ** Session and Competition Award

This interactive and engaging session will showcase emerging research from students and early career scholars in hazards, risk, and disasters. The Hazards, Risk, Disasters specialty group is hosting a Poster Competition. Students of all academic levels (undergraduate, Master's, and Ph.D.) and early career scholars will be illustrating their hazards, environmental, and climate-related research. Presenters with the most engaging and visually pleasing posters will receive an award.

Guided Poster Sessions are one of the most stimulating ways to engage with new research. The presenters quickly introduce the posters in the room before standing by them. This allows the audience to target posters based on known interest and engage in smaller group discussions with the presenters. Guided Poster presentations tend to attract more high-quality interactions and better conversations.

Topics featured:
- social vulnerability
- hurricane
- flooding
- risk
- climate change


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Introduction Cristina Muñoz University of Iowa 9 9:55 AM
Presenter Diamond Holloman*, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Reclaiming Recovery Narratives: A Community Response to Long-Term Hurricane Recovery in Lumberton, North Carolina 8 10:04 AM
Presenter Kathleen Benedetto*, , Jill Trepanier, Louisiana State University, Climatology and Spatiotemporal Analysis of North Atlantic Rapidly Intensifying Hurricanes 8 10:12 AM
Presenter Md ASIF RAHMAN*, University of Iowa, Social Vulnerability to River Floods in the U.S. 8 10:20 AM
Presenter Dan Wanyama*, Michigan State University, Kyla Dahlin, Michigan State University, Nathan Moore, Michigan State University, Arika Ligmann-Zielinska, Michigan State University, Agent-based modeling of farmer-environment interactions under climate change: case of Mount Elgon Ecosystem 7 10:28 AM
Presenter Alyssa Cannistraci*, , Dr. Kelsey Ellis, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Yingjie Hu, University at Buffalo, Spatiotemporal Analysis of Forecasted Natural Hazard Risk via Twitter Data 8 10:35 AM
Presenter Hannah Heinke-Green*, Florida State University, Jay Baker, Florida State University , Tingting Zhao, Florida State University , Minna Jia, Florida State University , Improving Hurricane Evacuation Prediction Models 8 10:43 AM
Presenter Joshua Wimhurst*, University of Oklahoma - Norman, OK, John Scott Greene, University of Oklahoma - Norman, OK, Renee McPherson, University of Oklahoma - Norman, OK, Stephen Stadler, Oklahoma State University - Stillwater, OK, Future Impact on the Low Level Jet and its Effects on Wind Energy Generation in Oklahoma 8 10:51 AM
Presenter Laiyin Zhu*, Western Michigan University, Estimating Tropical Cyclone Inland Flooding Risk in North America Cities from Modeling and Observations 7 10:59 AM
Presenter Jordan Burns*, Risk Analysis Lead, NiyamIt, Inc., Doug Bausch, Risk Analytics Program Manager, NiyamIT, Inc., Nikolay Todorov, Senior Developer, NiyamIT, Inc., Structure-Level Flood Risk Database for Minot, ND as a Prototype for Leveraging National Building Outlines in Hazus Risk Model 7 11:06 AM
Presenter Richard C Daniels*, Washington State Department of Transportation, Re-analysis of Tropical Storm and Hurricane Probabilities of Occurrence for Coastal Areas of the United States, Canada, and Bermuda for 1851 to 2017 7 11:13 AM
Presenter Jeffery Canaday*, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Eman Ghoneim, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Lynn Leonard, Univeristy of North Carolina - Wilmington, Joseph Long, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Andrea Hawkes, University of North Carolina - Wilmington, Devon Eulie, Univeristy of North Carolina at Wilmington, Integrating Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Techniques to Detect Changes on Barrier Islands Vegetation and Elevation After Hurricane Florence 7 11:20 AM
Presenter Richard Bohannon*, Metropolitan State University, Regional Differences in the Relationship Between Religious Adherence and Belief in Climate Change 7 11:27 AM

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