Symposium on Human Dynamics Research in the Age of Smart/Intelligent Systems: Smart Cities and Urban Computing V

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Cartography Specialty Group, Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group, Cyberinfrastructure Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 5:00 PM / 6:40 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Congressional B, Omni, West
Organizers: Xinyue Ye, Shaowen Wang, Bandana Kar
Chairs: Yang Xu



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Cheng Fu*, University of Zurich, Xiaopeng Song, University of Maryland - College Park, Kathleen Stewart, University of Maryland - College Park, Integrating Remote Sensing and Activity-Based Geographic Information to Monitor Long-term Urban Land Use Change 20 5:00 PM
Presenter Yang Xu*, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Unravel the Landscape and Pulses of Cycling Activities From A Dockless Bike-Sharing System 20 5:20 PM
Presenter Jimmy Feng*, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Shih-Lung Shaw, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, How well do various transportation services serve the diversity of neighborhoods and people in New York City? 20 5:40 PM
Presenter Yuanyuan GUO*, , Sylvia Ying HE, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Understanding dockless bikeshare mode as a feeder to metro 20 6:00 PM
Presenter Dipto Sarkar*, National University of Singapore, Value of Spatial Information as part of Social Network Analysis 20 6:20 PM

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