Indigenous Mapping: A:shiwi Map Art Project

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 5:00 PM / 6:40 PM
Room: Roosevelt 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: Jolene Keen
Chairs: Renee Louis


The A:shiwi Map Art Project is “an art, language and place name project all in one. A:shiwi Map Art is a collective, revisionist effort to elaborate Zuni history and cultural survival independent from the non-Zuni narrative, using Zuni language and Zuni aesthetics and sensibilities. These maps help us understand where we came from and why Zuni culture is associated with places far away from our reservation. They also harness the capacity of visual art to communicate in accessible fashion the importance of Zuni cultural landscape in perpetuation of community vitality and values. Finally, as tools that help set the record straight, these maps serve as a means to mutual understanding by asserting that we live in a world with diverse ways of knowing (”

The AAG’s Indigenous Peoples Specialty Group (IPSG) has long been extremely active in researching and promoting the importance of indigenous mapping and indigenous knowledge systems to geography. This project is one example of how the world can be mapped and represented through cultural and knowledge systems other than that of ‘mainstream’ geography. The A:shiwi Map Art project is a community-based mapping project designed and implemented by the Zuni people, for the Zuni people in order to communicate their own heritage, history and worldview independent from outside influences.

This session has been made possible through support from the following:

Applied Geography Specialty Group
Cartography Specialty Group
Cultural Geography Specialty Group
Qualitative Research Specialty Group
Rural Geography Specialty Group
Southwest Regional Division
Study of the American South Specialty Group


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Curtis Quam Zuni; A:shiwi A:wan Museum & Heritage Center 20
Panelist Octavius Seowtewa Zuni 20
Panelist Ronnie Cachini Zuni 20
Panelist Mallery Quetawki Zuni 20

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