Urban capacity building. Radical social and spatial innovation in the 'countercurrents' of global urbanization 2

Type: Paper
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Day: 4/7/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Ambassador Ballroom, Omni, West
Organizers: Gruia Badescu, Tatjana Schneider, Panu Lehtovuori
Chairs: Tatjana Schneider


While it is well known that rapid urbanization is one of the main challenges and possibilities of our age, there has been limited attention on social and spatial innovation in what might be called the 'countercurrents' of global urbanization. As urbanization is an essentially uneven process, it always involves moments of shrinkage and abandonment, alongside with and structurally linked to moments of growth and development. This 'countercurrent' of urbanization unfolds across scales in emptying regions, shrinking cities, low-trust societies, thinning service networks, marginalized neighborhoods, abandoned sites and buildings as well as vague and under-defined urban niches. These contexts also provide the opportunity for innovation. At times, local universities and research bodies have a role in linking with communities and building new urban agendas. The two panels explore these themes both theoretically and through empirical analysis and case studies. They discuss critical and future-oriented works on urbanization trends and drivers, locally embedded social and spatial innovations that flourish in contexts with little resources, studies of changing institutions (universities, municipal governments) and their new roles in urban transformations, community and university engagements with shrinking cities, urban capacity building, open education and 1:1 community work, as well as progressive and situated social mapping.

The track is co-organised by the JPI Urban Europe Project "Urban Education Live" with partners from four European countries and the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Sciences. Chairs: Panu Lehtovuori, Tampere School of Architecture, Finland – panu.lehtovuori@tut.fi; Tatjana Schneider, Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, tatjana.schneider@tu-braunschweig.de; Gruia Badescu, Association for an Urban Transition, Romania/ University of Konstanz, Germany – gruia.badescu@uni-konstanz.de.


Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Ulrike Gerhard*, Heidelberg University, “My home is my Castle” – Trust and distrust in housing development in cities 20 9:55 AM
Presenter Sanjeev Kumar*, RAIGANJ UNIVERSITY, Locational Conflict in the Patna Municipal Corporation Area: An Exploratory Study in Urban Political Geography 20 10:15 AM
Presenter Jenni Partanen*, Tampere University of Technology, Annuska Rantanen, Tampere University of TEchnology, Seija Ridell, University of Tampere, Planning for Netborgs Avatars: Imaginary Overview to ‘Smart’ Urbanity 20 10:35 AM
Presenter Antti Kurvinen*, Tampere University of Technology, Arto Saari, Tampere University of Technology, Does Higher Housing Density Always Result in Higher Cost-Efficiency? 20 10:55 AM
Discussant Tatjana Schneider Technische Universität Braunschweig 5 11:15 AM
Discussant Panu Lehtovuori TUT 5 11:20 AM
Discussant Gruia Badescu University of Konstanz 5 11:25 AM
Discussant Matjaz Ursic University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences 5 11:30 AM

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