Publishing Work in Historical Geography

Type: Panel
Sponsor Groups: Historical Geography Specialty Group, Careers and Professional Development
Poster #:
Day: 4/6/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM
Room: Wilson C, Marriott, Mezzanine Level
Organizers: Michael Wise
Chairs: Michael Wise


This panel brings together authors and editors in the field of historical geography to discuss current and future research projects as well as future venues and formats for publishing that research. The session is organized as a roundtable and will feature Bridget Barry, senior acquisitions editor at the University of Nebraska Press; Briony McDonagh, an historical and cultural geographer at the University of Hull, as well as co-editor of the journal Historical Geography; and Michael D. Wise, an environmental historian at the University of North Texas and a fellow co-editor of the journal Historical Geography. Each panelist will speak for around 15 minutes about their experiences in the realm of publishing and editing work in historical geography and then open the discussion to the audience. Members of the audience will be encouraged to introduce themselves, discuss their current research projects, and share their experiences conducting and publishing research in historical geography.


Type Details Minutes
Panelist Michael Wise University of North Texas 15
Panelist Briony McDonagh University of Hull, UK 15
Panelist Bridget Barry University of Nebraska Press 15

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