10. Population Specialty Group: Migration and social change

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups: Population Specialty Group
Organizers: Dylan Connor
Chairs: Dylan Connor



Type Details Minutes
Presenter Chia-Yuan Huang*, University College London, Taiwanese Skilled Migrants in Shanghai and Singapore: Aspirations, Trajectories and Experiences 20
Presenter Yining Tan*, Arizona State University, Gender and Skilled Migration: Agency, Power, and Social Transformations 20
Presenter Kefa Otiso*, Bowling Green State University, Bilateral Sino-Africa Migration: Trends and Implications for African Development 20
Presenter HaeRan Shin*, Seoul National University, The extra-territorial nation-building in flows and relations: North Korea in the global networks and an ethnic enclave 20
Presenter Yukimi Shimoda*, Waseda University, Non-family transnational emotional bonds and belonging 20

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