Biogeography and Environmental Science

Type: Paper
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 1:10 PM / 2:50 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Cleveland 1, Marriott, Mezzanine Level
Organizers: Program Committee
Chairs: Anni Yang



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Christopher Black*, University of Toledo, Carol Stepien, University of Washington, Kevin Czajkowski, University of Toledo, Matthew Snyder, University of Toledo, Nate Marshall, University of Toledo, Vectors for Invasive Species in the Great Lakes 20 1:10 PM
Presenter GAJENDRA MOHAN DEV SARMA*, RAHA COLLEGE, The Red Listed Hollock Gibbon in the Brahmaputra Valley 20 1:30 PM
Presenter Mark Welford*, Georgia Southern University, Testing Species-Area Relationships with Caribbean Species 20 1:50 PM
Presenter Qianru Liao*, University at Buffalo, Spatial pattern of beta diversity of plant species in the Greater Cape Floristic Region of South Africa 20 2:10 PM
Presenter Anni Yang*, University of Florida, Juan Pablo Gomez, University of Florida, Jason K Blackburn, University of Florida, Exploring Environmental Coverages of Species: A New Variable Selection Methodology for GARP based on rulesets 20 2:30 PM

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