Human Geography I

Type: Guided Poster
Sponsor Groups:
Poster #:
Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 5:00 PM / 6:40 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Roosevelt 3.5, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers
Chairs: Andres Guhl



Type Details Minutes Start Time
Presenter Monica Mattox*, , Jadwiga Ziolkowska, University of Oklahoma, Redefining OK-FIRE Mesonet Platform as an Impact-Based Decision-Support Service and Assessing its Economic Valuation 5 5:00 PM
Presenter Christine Witt*, West Virginia University, Richwood, West Virginia after the 2016 flood: Community, Hope, and Identity 5 5:05 PM
Presenter Jada Lindblom*, Arizona State University, Christine Vogt, Arizona State University, Josephine Godwyll, Arizona State University, Woojin Lee, Arizona State University, Second Homebodies: Investigating Patterns of Movement and Migration within Homeowner Winter Visitors in Yuma, Arizona 5 5:10 PM
Presenter Jonathan Richard Peters*, The City University of New York, Caroline Nicole Peters, Rutgers University, Cameron Elliot Gordon, University of Canberra, Undocumented History – Revolutionary Supply Routes in Southern New Jersey 5 5:15 PM
Presenter Andres Guhl*, Universidad De Los Andes, Following the steps of the past: the Camino Real from Honda to Santafé de Bogotá (Colombia) 5 5:20 PM
Presenter Hanover Vale*, Dartmouth College, Ifuago 'Heirloom Rice': Commoditization and Haute Cuisine 5 5:25 PM
Presenter Li Ma*, INSTITUTE OF GEOGRAPHIC SCIENCES AND NATURAL RESOURCES RESEARCH, Research on the typical model and path of rural vitalization in poverty counties in Hainan province 5 5:30 PM
Presenter Sweta Tiwari*, Mississippi State University, Shrinidhi Ambinakudige, Mississippi State University, Environment- Human Migration Nexus: An Empirical Overview 5 5:35 PM
Presenter Jianchun Xu*, , Rural revitalization and land institution reform: Achievement, conflict and potential risk 5 5:40 PM
Presenter Scott Brown*, Francis Marion University, A Comparative Study of Traditional Stilt Houses in Southeast Asia and Central America 5 5:45 PM
Presenter Merry Johnson*, , Mapping Emotional Attachment in the Indian River Lagoon Using Participatory Approaches 5 5:50 PM
Presenter Robert Shepard*, University of Iowa, J Clark Archer, University of Nebraska, Blue Waves and Red Tides in the Heartland: A Precinct-Level Analysis of the 2016 and 2018 Elections in Iowa 5 5:55 PM
Presenter Anthony Walker*, , Scalar Strategies of Third-Wave Graduate Labor Unions 5 6:00 PM
Presenter Robert Abugel*, Hunter College - City University, Shipeng Sun, Hunter College - City University, The geography of nested political districts in New York City. 5 6:05 PM
Presenter Yang Li*, , Hot Topics in Solid Earth Science in 2018——Basing on Bibliometrics Analysis 5 6:10 PM

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