GIS and Spatial Analysis

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Day: 4/4/2019
Start / End Time: 9:55 AM / 11:35 AM
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers



ID Title Participant
0070 Modeling the spatial-temporal dynamics of college enrollment decisions Kieran Elder
Central Michigan University
0071 Does regional human capital matter for the successful crowdfunding for the game projects? So Young Sohn
Yonsei University
0072 Temporal Trends in Kenyan Smallholder Settlement Scheme Allocation (1962 – 2015) Christina Mauney
University of Richmond
0073 Testing the “Law of Crime Concentration” in Japanese cities: A geographical crime analysis in Tokyo and Osaka Mamoru Amemiya
University of Tsukuba
0074 Parcel Prioritization Mapping for Conservation Easements Meghan Jones
Miami University Of Ohio
0075 Measuring Differential Access to Facilities Using Spatial Lorenz Curves and Related Indices Gordon Cromley
Kent State University
0076 An analysis of a low-income residential energy efficiency program in Asheville, North Carolina Sean Allwurden
Furman University
0077 Exploring Vulnerability of State Parks to Hazards Associated with Oil and Gas Development within the Permian Basin Region of Texas Samuel Ross
0078 Impact of Mau forest catchment on the Great Riftvalley lakes in kenya Margaret Onserio
Ms Jomo kenyatta university
079 Identifying proper lag size and number of lags when calculating semivariogram on mixed land use raster imagery Sarah Becker
United States Army Engineer Research & Development Center
080 A New Method of Selecting K-means Initial Cluster Centers Based on Hotspot Analysis Qu Chen
East China Normal University
081 Exploring Key Drivers of Seasonal and Annual Water Quality Outcomes in Space and Time across Miami-Dade County, Florida Carson Hauck
082 Current and Future Flood Risk Damage Assessments With Hazus-Mh: Parcel-Level Analysis in Monroe County, Florida Charles Abbatantuono
083 Social Disorganization and Neighborhood Crime Rates in Coastal Mississippi Ashleigh Price
Graduate Student University of Southern Mississippi
084 Point pattern analysis of nighttime residential burglary in relation to remotely sensed light intensity, socioeconomic context and road access Zhiyong Hu
University of West Florida
085 Spatial and Temporal Modeling of Doc Transport Processes From Agricultural Landscapes to Rivers: A Case Study of the Chippewa River Using Swat Analysis Sarah Meyer
Central Michigan University
086 An Analysis of Sewer Main Failures Related to Tree Root Intrusion Chad Rogers
DC Water
087 Model for Estimating Population Counts in Smallholder Settlement Schemes in Rural Kenya Matthew Franklin
Student University of Richmond
088 Fish Ponds Detection in Bangladesh on Google Earth Engine: A case study of Singra Upazila Zhiqi Yu
George Mason University
089 Geospatial Analysis: 18 years of Seismic Activity Neysha Pacheco Colón
090 Comparison of Different 360 Tour Creators Yu Zhong
091 The effect of nighttime lights on Crime in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Jiyoung Lee
092 Predicting town vulnerability in coastal Semarang, Indonesia: Spatial data analysis of land subsidence in relation to geomorphological factors Juliette Bateman
Boston University
093 AQI scale prediction based on Prophet-RF optimization model Chang Jun
East China Normal University
094 Advanced Geospatial Analysis for Solar Energy Siting Abrar Almalki
095 Spatial Analysis of Student Enrollment, Harrisburg Area Community College, 2011-2016 Nicole Ernst
Central PA Community College
096 Public:Private Partnerships Improve the Application of Geographic Information in Decision-Making Charles Perry
USDA Forest Service
097 Environmental justice & shale gas: spatial intersections between energy development and vulnerable rural populations Amanda Waggoner
GIS Technican University of Richmond
098 An innovative method for dasymetric mapping: A case of New York City Khila Dahal
Temple University
099 A Comparative Analysis of Social Vulnerability Mogahid (Mo) Hussein
Texas State University
0100 Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Wildfires in Washington State David Szpakowski
Texas State University - San Marcos
0101 Evolution of the U.S. National Parks Catherine Skeeter
Salisbury University
0102 Characterizing the impacts of collaboration on the adoption of multifunctional agriculture Bryan Runck
University of Minnesota
0103 Python Batch Parcel Assessment Under Washington's Open Space Taxation Act and Kittitas County's Public Benefit Rating System Dusty Pilkington
Kittitas County
0104 GIS Analysis of Coastal Development in the North Shore of Massachusetts James Burgess
0105 A GIS representation integrating geographic ontology and general system theory Yi Huang
Nanjing Normal University
0106 Research on 3D Spatial Visualization Technology Based on Cesium Zhiwen Li
East China Normal University
0107 A comparison of Markov Chain geostatistical simulation using linear interpolated and fitted transiogram models Bo Zhang
0108 Get a Room: Mapping Open Classrooms at the University of Maryland Kaleb Tsegaye
0109 Impact of Sea Level Rise on New York City Anna Mattero
0110 Modeling the Routes of Shale Gas Gathering Pipelines in Carroll County, OH. Felix Asare-Bediako
University of Akron -
0111 Spatial analysis of water quality parameters in Hilo Bay, Hawai'i Gina Badlowski
0112 Development of New Biorefineries in the Southern United States to Expand Renewable Biofuel Production: Virginia’s Suitable Locations Ingrid Witty
Montclair State University
0113 Marine Debris Action Planner - a GIS model to predict marine debris coastal accumulation Levi Westerveld
0114 The Network of Natural Gas Jessica Wright
Boston University
0115 The scale effect and zonal aggregation effect in the regional potential productivity simulation of crop model Xiaohu Zhang
0116 The Role of Topographical Factors in Classification of Land Cover Shunbao LIAO
0117 Spatial and temporal dynamics and identification of hotspots of soil erosion in China Jialei Li
0118 Web GIS: Telling stories, solving problems Jess Sullivan
Plymouth State University
0119 Testing for exceptional concentrations in the spatial patterns of commuters Joshua Davidson
University of Pennsylvania
0120 Spatial Patterns in Amenity Migration Indicators in Coastal Maine Jing Yuan
University of Maine

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