Type: Poster
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Day: 4/5/2019
Start / End Time: 3:05 PM / 4:45 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Room: Lincoln 2, Marriott, Exhibition Level
Organizers: The American Association of Geographers



ID Title Participant
107 Hurricanes and forest in Puerto Rico: A systematic literature review Tania Lopez-Marrero
University of Puerto Rico
108 Hazard Visualization and Risk Assessment of Morrison, Colorado Jordan Bretthauer
Department of Geography & the Environment, University of Denver
109 Bluff Retreat Bayesian Modeling and Littoral Sediment Input Mapping on the Lake Erie Coast of Pennsylvania, USA Anthony Foyle
Penn State Erie - The Behrend College
110 Assessing Social-Economic Impacts of Earthquakes in Southern California Elvis Carrillo
111 Identifying disaster impacted areas with machine learning and geospatial analysis using social media data Clemens Havas
112 Coastal Resilience - Virginia Eastern Shore Chris Bruce
The Nature Conservancy
113 Allocating flood evacuation shelters in Austin, Texas: a multi-criteria approach Mayowa Lasode
Department of Geography, Texas State University
114 Lake Ontario flooding in the Greater Rochester Area Scott Williams
115 Identification and evaluation of flood-avoidance driving routes in Tucson, AZ Ashley Coles
Texas Christian University
116 Flooding Risk and Resiliency Across Mozambique Damien Wilson
University of Maryland
117 How much is too much? Where water and growth collide in the North Houston suburbs Ross Guida
118 The Socioeconomic Demographics of Water Use During Drought: Using Cape Town, South Africa as a Model Sally Roscoe
Hofstra University
119 The Causal Factors of Fire Occurrences in Semi-Arid Environments: Case Studies of Phoenix and Las Vegas Shitian Wan
University of Cincinnati
120 Levees, Hydrologic Uncertainty, and Floodplain Development: A Longitudinal Analysis of Yuba County, California Burrell Montz
East Carolina University
121 Analyzing the Rate of Reconstruction and the Socioeconomic/ Cultural Regions in Post-Katrina New Orleans Adrienne Swindle
University of North Alabama
122 Manufactured Home Residents, Risk Perception, and Tornado Sheltering in the American Mid-South Kevin Ash
University of Florida
123 Use of IMERG Satellite Products and Distributed Modeling to Simulate Urban Flooding in Fujairah, UAE Khameis Alabdouli

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