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The Legacy and Shadowed Ground of Jarrell, Texas

Authors: Don Jonsson*, Austin Community College
Topics: Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, Landscape, Cultural Ecology
Keywords: Tornadoes, Shadowed Ground, Natural Hazards, Texas
Session Type: Paper
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On May 27, 1997 Jarrell, Texas was struck by an F5 tornado. The Double Creek Estates subdivision was completely wiped-out resulting in 27 fatalities. The destruction and devastation was total. Homes in Double Creek Estates were reduced to concrete slabs. Many meteorologists consider the damage produced by this tornado to be the worst that they have ever observed. Based on the damage assessment, the 1997 Jarrell tornado is considered to be one of if not the most powerful tornado on record. How has the town of Jarrell, Texas responded to this immense tragedy? The shadowed ground produced by this tornado has resulted in a memorial park which includes a small monument and the reconstruction of a smaller yet reconstituted subdivision. According to Geographer Kenneth E. Foote such shadowed ground on the landscape represents designation and rectification.

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