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An Alternative Textbook of Retail Geography

Authors: Shuguang Wang*, Ryerson University
Topics: Business Geography, Applied Geography, Economic Geography
Keywords: retail geography, marketing geography, spatial analysis
Session Type: Paper
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Retail geography is a popular subject in North American and European universities, as it frequently leads to rewarding professional jobs in retail corporations, financial institutions, and commercial real estate companies. Yet, there are only a few textbooks available for adoption, and they are all in need of update to reflect the changes in the retail industry and the recent development in geo-technologies. This alternative textbook is developed with three distinctive features. First, it is guided by both the traditional location theories and the theory of the New Geography of Retailing. Second, the component chapters are conceptualized and organized using the retail planning process as the framework. Third, the methodological chapters are presented with detailed descriptions of the techniques and are supported with practical examples to reflect the latest software development (including the Huff Model and Location-Allocation modelling). The book is written primarily for students interested in specializing in retail geography, but the majority of the chapters are useful for students of retail management and commercial real estate management, who take retail geography as a professionally-related course. The application of the GIS–based techniques along with practical examples should also make it a useful handbook for practitioners in the field. Despite the trend of online retailing taking increasing market shares, bricks-and-mortar stores will continue to stay. Even pure-play online retailers (Amazon included) are moving towards multi-channel retailing by building physical stores of their own. Therefore, store location analysis is still needed, and such a book still relevant.

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