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Green Infrastructure's Mitigating Effects on Flash Flooding: A Case Study in Tucson

Authors: Yinan Zhang*, University of Arizona, Daoqin Tong, Associate Professor, Courtney Crosson, Assistant Professor
Topics: Water Resources and Hydrology
Keywords: Green Storm Infrastructure, Flo-2d, transportation
Session Type: Paper
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Flash flooding due to intensive rainfall within a short duration can cause big transportation problems in
the City of Tucson, especially during the monsoon season. To mitigate the negative effects of flash
flooding, Green Storm Infrastructures (GSI) have been widely constructed within Tucson. In this
research, flash flooding with a return period of 10-year was simulated using a 2D hydrologic and
hydraulic modeling software – Flo-2D, and the effects of the flooding events have been evaluated from
three different perspectives, which is transportation traffic, bicycle, and public transportation. Further,
10 locations were proposed to construct GSI in aims to mitigate the traffic problems caused by the 10-
year flooding event. This research can provide support to the positive influence of GSI on mitigating
flash flooding.

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