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Survival analysis of metro-induced household displacement in Taipei (2001–2016)

Authors: Jen-Jia Lin*, National Taiwan University, Chi-Hao Chen, National Taiwan University
Topics: Transportation Geography, Population Geography, Urban and Regional Planning
Keywords: metro, gentrification, displacement, survival analysis
Session Type: Paper
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Although attention toward metro-induced gentrification is increasing, the literature has yet to present evidence of whether the practice accompanies household displacement. Thus, this research explored whether proximity to metro stations is associated with the displacement of lower-income households (LHs) by higher-income households (HHs). The study areas comprised two gentrifiable neighborhoods in Taipei City, Taiwan, including a metro station area and a comparison area (being far from metro stations) with a similar socioeconomic context. The detailed and longitudinal records of household income tax in the study areas between 2001 and 2016 were collected and analyzed through survival analyses. Empirical results suggested that household displacements are associated with metro stations. Specifically, LHs in the metro station area had higher survival risks and lower survival years than HHs in the metro station area and LHs in the comparison area. The findings broaden our understanding of metro-induced household displacement and suggest that the geographical exclusion of economically disadvantaged groups from mass rapid transit services has occurred.

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