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The center on the border: The place meaning and city construction of Pu'er coffee

Authors: Ming Tang Huang*, National Taiwan University
Topics: Agricultural Geography, Urban Geography, China
Keywords: Pu'er coffee, city construction, place, border
Session Type: Paper
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Pu'er, originally a tea city around the southwestern Chinese border, has become the "coffee city" of main producing area in China nowadays. Since 1988, Nestlé Coffee Company has continued to construct the infrastructure of the local coffee industry after establishing its headquarters in Pu'er. In 2007, the Pu'er tea market bubble causes coffee industry took advantage of the growth and continued to expand. In the next few years, as the Chinese and foreign coffee merchants entered the industry one after another, the wave of global specialty coffee was also brought into China. Yunnan International Coffee Exchange(YCE) was established in Pu'er in 2014. It tried to reverse the market system of China coffee, which was subject to the international coffee futures price. YCE intends to lead the coffee price through a variety of activities and strategies.
In recent years, the rapidly developing cities along the eastern coast of China have received a lot of attention by scholar. However, as a city on the border, Pu'er can be embedded in the global urban system through the coffee industry and exert multi-scale influence in the globalized cities, thus highlighting the importance of cities around border. In addition to the collection of secondary data, I interview with coffee practitioners and participation in coffee-related activities. Mainly concerned about the particularity of the city under the Chinese context and the development of border cities. The renewal and flourishing process of the coffee industry has reshaped Pu'er into a brand new city in a coffee imagination.

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