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Strategic urban and regional planning for technology change

Authors: Kristina Trygg*, Linköping University
Topics: Urban and Regional Planning, Economic Geography, Urban Geography
Keywords: spatial planning, cities, infrastructure, mobility, transport, urban and regional planning
Session Type: Paper
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Urban and regional planning is one of the most powerful local instruments to shape urban and regional development and create sustainable cities of tomorrow. Yet currently, planning practices hardly have strategies and instruments to assess, adapt to and shape social and environmental consequences of the ongoing rapid technological change in cities. The municipal plan monopoly is one of the most important preconditions for municipal self-government in Sweden. This has meant that Sweden and the municipalities together developed a planning system against the development of society where the physical infrastructure is the foundation. The aim is to understand how cities and regions can handle technological changes through strategic planning?
To understand this a survey have been sent out to Swedish municipalities. The results show that Swedish municipalities believes that the energy and transport system will change in the nearest 20-30 years, whereas the electrification of the transport system and mobility as a service is evident are believed to affect the planning of our cities or regions to very large extend.

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