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Assessing the impact of immersive visualization in teaching remote sensing concepts

Authors: Nicholas Lewis*, United States Military Academy, Matthew O'Banion, United States Military Academy, Michael Boyce, United States Military Academy, Deborah Majkowicz, United States Military Academy
Topics: Geography Education, Remote Sensing, Earth Science
Keywords: remote sensing, earth science, education, immersive technology, technology, teaching
Session Type: Paper
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This study utilized immersive visualization technology for the delivery of an introductory remote sensing lesson in an undergraduate physical geography course. While the focus of the course is physical geography and earth science, investigative techniques often utilize aerial and/or satellite imaging for earth observation. Practical use of remote sensing techniques requires comprehension of theoretical fundamentals stemming from numerous scientific disciplines, which can be a significant barrier for students. Immersive visualization technology may facilitate better retention of these topics compared to traditional lecture delivery. Three lecture techniques were evaluated. The control group received a traditional lecture with no immersive technology. The remaining two experimental groups received a lecture which made use of an Augmented Reality Sandtable (ARES), which the instructor physically interacted with for group 2, and the students interacted with for group 3. This experimental lesson is evaluated at 2-weeks, 6-weeks, and 16-weeks as part of course-wide graded events to assess the immediate and longer-term retention of the covered topics. The results of the study are presented along with insight regarding the cost/benefit of incorporating immersive technology into introductory courses.

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