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The Disneyfication of Hipsters “Do you want craft-made, artisanal, socially conscientious, vintage fries with that?”

Authors: Suzanne Dickens*, Poudre School District
Topics: Urban Geography, Landscape, Cultural Geography
Keywords: Hipsterfication, gentrification, urban renewal, produced landscape, up-cycle, artisan, commodification.
Session Type: Paper
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This paper will explore hipster aesthetic influences in specifically produced landscapes of new commercial urban renewal areas. Recent consumer demands for goods and services reflecting socially conscientious, artisan, hand-crafted, recycled or up-cycled, and authentic made goods are being driven largely by the hipster movement and this eventual reflection and commodification of hipster preferences is, therefore, not surprisingly becoming evidenced in the new urban landscapes. Shipping container buildings, reclaimed wood, street art, and up-scale industrial chic have become accepted and relatively main-stream, so much so that one can begin to recognize the ‘hipsterfication’ of several urban landscapes. Many of these new urban ‘hipster landscapes’ draw from the principles of the New Urbanist Movement, such as multi-use spaces and mixed zoning. New landscape developments such as Crate in Bristol, UK, the RiNo (River North Art) District in Denver, CO, and The Exchange in Ft. Collins, CO exemplify many of the hipster aesthetics as established urban developers are drawing design elements from the hipster aesthetic to drive the development and gentrification of previously industrialized or economically depressed areas.

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