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Using UAV data in the Classroom

Authors: Scott Webber*, Blue Marble Geographics, Katrina Schweikert*, Blue Marble Geographics, Jeffrey Hatzel, Blue Marble Geographics
Topics: UAS / UAV, Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Science and Systems
Keywords: UAS, UAV, Drone, Orthoimagery, remote sensing, lidar, photogrammetry, teaching, GIS
Session Type: Paper
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The rapid emergence and proliferation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones promises to have a profound impact on our lives. For those of us in the mapping industry, this eye-in-the-sky technology is also heralding a seminal shift in how we conduct our business. No longer constrained by the limited availability or expense of up-to-date geospatial datasets, our GIS projects stand to benefit from the on-demand data collection capabilities of this versatile new technology. This presentation will focus on teaching methods for UAV-based GIS workflows. We will discuss the concepts of photogrammetry as well as the structure from motion (SFM) and multi-view stereovision (MVS) algorithms that help convert drone imagery into usable GIS data. We will explore a case study of GIS based workflows that take advantage of UAV-collected data for visualization and analysis. These workflows are included in Blue Marble Geographics free Academic teaching material, which may be requested by faculty. Taking advantage of these resources can help expand the curriculum to meet the demands of the workforce in the emerging era of autonomous driving and the increasing proliferation of UAVs across various industries.

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