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GIS at ESRI Development Center Institutions

Authors: Emma Curran*, The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Topics: Geographic Information Science and Systems, Geography Education
Keywords: GIS Education, GIS Curriculum, ESRI Development Centers, ESRI Students of the Year
Session Type: Paper
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Geographical Information Science (GIS) has grown increasingly more important over the past 20 to 30 years, not only for making maps, but for spatial and geographical analysis for natural disasters, land changes, climate change, and different types of environmental management. With this growing significance, it is more important that the new generations of GIS Specialists and Engineers have the right qualifications and skills to carry on this work. ESRI Development Centers are recognized university departments that have excellent programs based on using ArcGIS and related technologies to develop applications. These institutions are noted for a high level of GIS education, as well as allowing access to advanced geospatial technology software. This paper discusses the differences in GIS degree programs offered by ESRI Development Centers both in the United States and Europe, the achievements of students crowned ‘ESRI Development Center Students of the Year’ at each development center, and the relationships between the student accomplishments, GIS degrees, and GIS courses offered at the university where the project was completed. This research finds a strong relationship between the degree requirements and the focus area of the student projects that are winning the annual honor.

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