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The Characteristics and Causes of Cross-border Shopping Activities of Hong Kong Residents at Shekou, Shenzhen

Authors: Hong Chen*,
Topics: China, Urban Geography, Behavioral Geography
Keywords: the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong, cross-border shopping, influencing factors, Hong Kong residents, Shekou
Session Type: Paper
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The cross-border shopping activities at the border between Shenzhen and Hong Kong SAR presenting a salient sub-national phenomenon under “one country, two systems” in China have drawn great public attention. This empirical study investigates the behavior causes and patterns of Hong Kong consumers in Shekou, Shenzhen through applying field observation, interviews, questionnaire survey and spatial analyses combining city-wide ordinary least square (OLS) regression model with geographically weighted regression (GWR) models. It sheds light on that main visitors from Hong Kong are seniors characteristics with a high frequency of cross-border consuming, a short space of time, and a low expenditure in Shekou. The substantial geographic distribution of their home address in Hong Kong has been contributed to the distance to the border, their ages, and income. To foster growth and cooperation between Hong Kong, Macau and nine other cities in Guangdong in the Greater Bay Area (GBA), the creation of a “quality living circle” for living, working and traveling involves an ongoing expansion of transport and logistics network to enhances connectivity and the flow of goods, people and resources between cities. To integrate the differences in administrative and value systems in the GBA, it calls for more studies on cross-border movements of pluralist social groups.

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