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Poetry in M(Ocean)

Authors: Philip Steinberg*, Durham University, Kimberley Peters, University of Liverpool
Topics: Cultural Geography, Political Geography
Keywords: ocean, poetry, photography, wet ontology
Session Type: Paper
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As Sasha Engelmann stresses in her intervention regarding the “Ocean in Excess” concept (Dialogues in Human Geography, 2019), an excessive view of the ocean (or, for that matter, any spatial category) requires a revolution in language. If one is to elevate a singular space as a platform for relational thinking, then one requires a language that simultaneously destabilises that space, so as to preserve its multiplicitous, “excessive” nature. Taking up this challenge, this paper explores how poetic, photographic, and non-verbal narrations of the ocean can be used to illustrate and extend, rather than constrain, the ocean's excessive character.

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