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Studying 'Energy Geographies' Abroad: case from NC State's China Program in Engineering, Science, Technology & Society (STS) & International Relations

Authors: Lisa Marshall*, North Carolina State University
Topics: Geography Education, Energy, Cultural and Political Ecology
Keywords: study abroad, energy, engineering, experiential learning, geography education
Session Type: Paper
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Study abroad programs are unique opportunities for direct engagement with global interconnections that help illuminate distinct objects of study: engineering, energy & public policy. Developing and teaching a "Geographies of Energy" course, through NC State's China Program in Engineering, STS & International Relations, has afforded an opportunity to address theoretical, pedagogical and qualitative research methods. Students enroll in 6 credit hours, choosing from an engineering redesign, STS and political science courses. I will discuss establishing this undergraduate course as part of the larger initiative to develop a global engineer and their understanding of socio-cultural and technical context. Through the International Studies program as a Science, Technology and Society (STS) offering, this geography course has been offered for 4 years. Students participate in this seminar formatted course that incorporates cultural immersion, team interviews and the centering of China as the hegemonic power in the region and in the international sphere.

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