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A Computational Algorithm to Identify Concurrent Drought-Precipitation Events

Authors: Nicholas Sokol*, University of South Carolina, Greg Carbone, University of South Carolina
Topics: Climatology and Meteorology
Keywords: Climate, Concurrent Events, Drought, Precipitation, Computational
Session Type: Paper
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The underlying synoptic mechanisms behind severe drought and precipitation events are relatively well understood. However, less is understood about the spatial interaction between concurrent drought and precipitation events when they occur. Concurrent drought-precipitation events are climatic events that occur when a sustained drought occurring in one region may interact or influence the precipitation in another region, or vice versa. Here we present evidence of concurrent drought-precipitation events by employing a unique computational algorithm to identify them, and through examination of synoptic moisture, temperature, and pressure. Results show that 57 events were identified, and the analysis of synoptic patterns vary considerably between them. Relationships between moisture indicators as well as temperature and pressure were weakly related to the CDPEs identified in this study. However, colder than average SSTs were observed more frequently with CDPEs, and it is believed that internal atmospheric variability contributes heavily to the occurrence of these events.

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