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Tropical dry forest canopy and intraspecific leaf chemistry relationships with Landsat-scale phenology

Authors: Eileen Helmer*, USDA Forest Service - International Institute of Tropical Forestry, Xiaolin Zhu, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, David Gwenzi, Humboldt State University
Topics: Remote Sensing, Earth Science, Landscape
Keywords: tropical forest, Puerto Rico, phenology, leaf chemistry, forest canopy, intraspecific variation, tropical dry forest
Session Type: Paper
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Tropical forest ecosystem modeling across landscapes must gauge how forest canopies change along environmental gradients. An area of uncertainty in dynamic forest models is how tree functional traits vary across landscapes and among individuals of the same species. Multispectral satellite images, being pan-tropically available with high frequency, might be among the best data to help map some forest characteristics over large scales at spatial resolutions <250 m. We combined Landsat-derived phenology with forest inventory data and leaf chemical analyses to examine variation in canopy and intraspecific leaf lignin and related chemistry variables in tropical dry forest along a moisture gradient. We also examined relationships between these variables and forest canopy structure and bands and indices from Landsat image composites.

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