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The Evolution of China's Poverty Alleviation Relocation from the Perspective of Scaling ——case study of Tianlin County, Guangxi Province, China

Authors: Qing Liu*,
Topics: China, Migration, Land Use
Keywords: Poverty Alleviation Relocation,migration, land use,rural, China
Session Type: Paper
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In order to promote regional balance, China government promotes rural revitalization and in situ urbanization strategies, and the government-led poverty alleviation relocation projects are implemented in poverty-stricken areas designated by the state. The ex situ poverty alleviation relocation seeks to transform farmers who are not capable and motivated in the poverty-stricken areas into citizens through the transformation of land relations and economic status, and it has become a new immigration model. Existing research usually discusses the motives and effects of poverty alleviation from the national policy scale, but the specific strategies from the local scale is insufficiently discussed. This study takes Tianlin County as an example aimed to reveal how this model has experienced the rescaling of governance by linking cities in rural and developed regions. The first phase of ecological migration in Tianlin County was assisted by Guangzhou City. The farmers in the ecologically degraded areas were moved to new village settlements, and agricultural cultivation was developed as their income source. The second phase of poverty alleviation relocation was to move the poor households to urban areas. They could settle in urban areas and arrange non-agricultural employment by the government by giving up their homestead. From the perspective of scaling, in the first phase, its assistant counterpart was Guangzhou, and in the second phase, its assistant counterpart was Guangming District of Shenzhen. Although seemed down-scaling, due to more diversified measures, the effect of local urbanization of poverty alleviation immigrants is significant.

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