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Sustainable Development for Post-Conflict Regions

Authors: Buzz Thompson*, Furman University
Topics: Military Geography, Sustainability Science, Middle East
Keywords: Military, sustainable development, trust, relationship building
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The Middle East has experienced an increase in both conflict and environmental degradation in the years following World War I. This research explores the link between conflict and environmental degradation, through expert interviews with both Army and Sustainability professionals. Through qualitative content analysis, we coded the interview transcripts, and found that responses could be organized under 3 broad categories: human security, environmental security, and political security. Further, concepts like trust, governance, economics, participation, and relationship building were shared across both Army and Sustainability stakeholders. Conversely, concepts like corruption, personal security, human needs, resilience, and vulnerability were perceived differently between the two respondent groups. Through this research, sustainable development emerged as a strategy for mitigating terrorism and the impacts that conflict have on society and the environment. As such, sustainable development may be a beneficial goal and strategy for the Army to promote peace and security. In order to inspire such change and progress, the Army might consider building trust through relationship building among stakeholders in the Middle East while pursuing a more sustainable approach to human needs and adaptive management.

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