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GIS & Web Accessibility

Authors: Christina Klenke*, University of Nevada, Jessica Benner*, Carnegie Mellon University
Topics: Disabilities, Geographic Information Science and Systems, Higher Education
Keywords: GIS, Maps, Accessibility, Libraries, Spatial Literacy
Session Type: Poster
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Web Accessibility is an important issue and is an issue that libraries have to deal with. But what are the key web accessibility issues when it comes to spatial resources? Digital maps and spatial data are highly visual and dynamic materials. People have used written descriptions to convey spatial information to users who cannot see but how do we deal with interactive web maps that allow for panning, zooming and real-time information about map features? Also, facilitating accessibility for people with low to no vision is the obvious use case, but are there other use cases for the accessibility of spatial materials? The authors will explore the highly visual and dynamic materials, how people interact with them and what are their challenges. This poster will evaluate web mapping platforms and their levels of accessibility.

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