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Assessing Coastal Vulnerability of Bahrain Islands to Sea Level Rise

Authors: Sabah Saleh Aljenaid*, Arabian Gulf University, Mohammad Sulaiman Abido, Ecology and Biodiversity, Ghadeer Mohamed Redha Khadhem, GIS
Topics: Coastal and Marine, Geographic Information Science and Systems, Middle East
Keywords: Bahrain, GIS, SLR, Vulnerability, Climate Change
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This study aims at assessing the impact of the Bahrain Islands to SLR across different scenarios of impact. Vulnerable areas were assessed using Geographic Information System ArcGIS 10.6 and Remote Sensing (RS) techniques. Land use land cover (LULC) maps of Bahrain Islands was delineated using very-high-resolution aerial photographs and Worldview 3 satellite image for some Islands. Digital elevation models were built for Islands and potentially vulnerable coastal areas were delineated as areas equal to or less than 5 meters above main sea level (MSL). SLR projection was made using five plauisble scenarios; 0.5m, 1m, 1.5, 2m and 5 m of SLR under business as usual development. The result of the study indicated that the SLR-total affected coastal areas in Bahrain will be 6.5%, 10%, 13.5%, 18.8% and 51.2% of the total affected area (below 5m) for 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 and 5 meter scenarios. The road network is also affected by all scenarios ranging from 1.5% to more than 50% of its total length at .5 and 5 me scenarios consecutively. It is projected that the number of affected people will range from 1930 in 0.5m scenario projection to 200,457 in the 5m scenario of which Bahrain Island will be the most affected. It is evident from these projections that substantial areas in Bahrain is vulnerable to SLR. The magnitude of inundation varies from one scenario to another. Hence, setting a climate change adaptation strategy that includes adaptive tools to SLR is a proactive approach to deal with the problem.

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