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Space Time Mining of Seismic Events in California

Authors: Neysha Raquel Pacheco Col├│n*, California State University, Long Beach
Topics: Geographic Information Science and Systems, Hazards and Vulnerability
Keywords: Geographic Information Systems, Natural Hazards, Seismic Activity, Space Time Mining
Session Type: Guided Poster
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Seismic events are classified as geographic phenomena with spatial and temporal
attributes. Therefore, seismic activity can be analyzed to detect patterns, clusters, as well as,
trends across space and time. The concept of time geography was developed by Torsten
H├Ągerstraand in 1970 as a method to visualize people and objects movement across space and
time. This exploratory research aims to integrate space-time mining techniques to further analyze
the seismic activity that has occurred during the last decades for the study region of California.
The methodology includes performing an aggregation of seismic events inside space-time cubes
in different scales. Furthermore, the research consist of an exploration of diverse spatial mining
tools inside ArcGIS Pro to address the complexity of analyzing spatial and temporal data. This
includes how the Modifiable Areal Unit Problem has potential impacts in geographic analysis.
These explored geospatial tools provide a deeper understanding of emerging seismic phenomena
spatial distribution, as well as, patterns and their statistical significance. This research will
exhibit another perspective of using Geographic Information Systems for seismic hazard analysis
in an exploratory spatio-temporal framework that belongs to an ongoing thesis research. Results
will be illustrated in tables, graphs and cartographic maps to prove the proposed techniques
potential to monitor seismic activity across space and time.

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