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The Diversity of Mexican Spirits: An Introduction

Authors: Juan Ramirez*,
Topics: Wine, Latin America, Cultural Geography
Keywords: Beer, Wine, Spirits, Mexico
Session Type: Poster
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Mexico is renowned throughout the world for it's culinary traditions, but it also has a rich tradition with many spirits and ferments due to it's bio- and ethnic diversity. Most people around the world know of Mexico's most popular spirit, tequila, and mezcal is growing rapidly in popularity. There are also many more that are now being sought after as production and demand of craft spirits continues to grow within Mexico and the United States.
This poster will introduce the audience to the great diversity in Mexican spirits. The poster will focus more specifically on agave-based distillates (i.e. tequila, mezcal, raicilla and bacanora) and will include sotol, which is often mistaken to be agave-based. The poster will highlight the differences that contribute to this great variety in Mexican spirits. This will include the plant species utilized, the distillation process, the regions in which they are produced, and typical or traditional ways of presenting and drinking the spirit. There will also be short descriptions of flavor profiles that will distinguish each spirit.

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