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Rotor-Area Wind Characteristics at the Eolos Wind Research Station in Southeastern Minnesota, USA

Authors: Jacob Coburn*, University of Minnesota, Katherine Klink, University of Minnesota
Topics: Climatology and Meteorology, Energy, Physical Geography
Keywords: wind, wind energy, climate, physical geography, energy
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The Eolos Wind Research Station in Rosemount, Minnesota, was established in 2011 to support basic research and development of new technologies for wind energy generation. The site includes a 2.5 MW utility-scale wind turbine (80 m hub height) and a 130m meteorological (met) tower. The met tower is instrumented with sonic anemometers at approximately 10, 30, 80, and 128 m AGL mounted on 5.5 m booms extending southwest from the tower (the direction least likely to be affected by the tower; see below). We use six years (2012-2017) of hourly data from the met tower to investigate wind speed and turbulence characteristics across the rotor swept area at diurnal and seasonal time scales, as well as their relationship to broader synoptic patterns.

The Eolos research station (45oN, 93.5oW) is located in a predominantly agricultural area of low, rolling topography. Mean wind speeds at 10 and 30 m are fastest in the spring and have a secondary peak in autumn; winds at 80 m have nearly identical peaks in spring and autumn; and winds at 128 m are fastest in autumn with a secondary peak in the spring. Winds at all heights are weakest in the summer. Wind directions are predominantly from the northwest in the winter, are roughly bimodal (south/southeasterly and northwesterly) in spring and autumn, and most often from the south/southeast in the summer with a secondary cluster of northwesterly winds.

Acknowledgement: Our sincere thanks to Chris Milliren for providing the quality-controlled Eolos met tower data set

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