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Dawn of Time: Cultural Geography in Minecraft

Authors: Nathanuel Kaine Oxford*, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Topics: Cultural Geography, Asia, Landscape
Keywords: Cultural Geography, Cultural Landscapes, Video Games, Minecraft, Japan
Session Type: Poster
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Virtual reality and video games have become an integral part of contemporary media and entertainment platforms. Video games are replete with examples of both physical and human geography. One video game in particular, Minecraft, and its over 112 million monthly active players, generates predominantly physical geographic experiences with different terrain features and biome and climatic combinations. The mod, Dawn of Time takes the Minecraft experience to another level as its development team has made it a goal to incorporate elements of human geography, particularly cultural landscapes into Minecraft. The purpose of this poster is to highlight the cultural geography aspects of the modification. In particular the Japanese cultural landscapes the modification development team has created.

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