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Factors influencing the dialect change in Northeast Thailand using GIS

Authors: Areerut Patnukao*,
Topics: Asia, Cultural Geography, Geographic Information Science and Systems
Keywords: dialect, GIS, geolinguistic approach, Northeast Thailand
Session Type: Poster
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Almost 20 years that a geolinguistic approach has been applied to study dialect change in several regions of Thailand in order to identify the spatial pattern and the degree of change. This study aims to continue the previous works which used GIS to investigate the spatial pattern change of 100 semantic units from the two dialect surveys (1979 and 2002) of Northeast Thailand. The previous work showed surprisingly unexpected result which primarily assumed that overtime the use of Standard Thai would be higher than Non-standard. However, the result revealed that there was mostly no change of dialect use between these two periods. Even though, there was the change in some areas, it was the increasing of using Non-standard Thai rather than Standard Thai. Therefore, this study aims to investigate what factors influence this phenomenon. In order to better understand this change, several factors which include social and physical factors such as settlement, school locations, level of urbanization, topography, transportation networks, and community radio locations will be considered. GIS will be employed to analyze and extract the potential factors than may influence this change.

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