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Agricultural Landcover Change in Zambia

Authors: Eli Baldwin*, Clark University, Priscillla Baltezar, Clark University, Lyndon Estes, Clark University
Topics: Agricultural Geography, Land Use and Land Cover Change
Keywords: Zambia, Agriculture, LULC change
Session Type: Poster
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Agriculture has been identified as the largest and most important Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) class in terms of LULC change, especially in terms of its gain from natural land covers. Agricultural land change can have important consequences for food security and environmental protection. There is a paucity of data and analysis of agricultural LULC change for Zambia, especially at finer resolutions. Most studies of agricultural LULC change show growth in agriculture, mostly from forest, savannah/grassland and bare land, while some agriculture is lost to settlement and grassland. The literature also shows many variables which effect agricultural LULC change, including population, accessibility and environmental factors. This poster will analyze the change in agricultural LULC, which categories it is gaining and losing from and which variables are influencing the change. This research will be conducted with 30m resolution landcover data. This poster will use the concepts of quantity and exchange in analyzing the changes in agriculture in Zambia.

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