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Benefit and impacts assessment of farm pond in Taoyuan, Taiwan

Authors: Cheng-Fang Hsieh*, , Shiang-Wei CHEN*,
Topics: Land Use and Land Cover Change, Energy
Keywords: Taoyuan,farm pond,solar energy,electricity generation
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To retain water resource in try season, Taoyuan, Taiwan has long history in building farm pond to restore water. But the function decreased recently, and government want to implement pond-generated electricity policy to reactivate the value of land.
So, our research purpose is to use electricity generation, carbon reduction, idle land usage, ecological impact, and changes in microclimate, these five aspects to understand the effect of the policy.
To explore above five research aspects, we respectively took different research methods. In electricity generation and changes in microclimate aspects, we used satellite image and unsupervised classification to get the area of farm ponds then calculated the electricity generation, otherwise selected thermal band of satellite image to measure the impact on microclimate. As for the other aspects, we used literature review and interview to understand carbon reduction, idle land usage and ecological impact.
In the end we measured the benefits and impacts of the policy, and then gave some suggestions.

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