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Observing Cultural Change Through Public Space

Authors: Mitchell Guza*, Saginaw Valley State University
Topics: Cultural Geography, United States
Keywords: Culture, Change, Corollaries, Parks
Session Type: Poster
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Observable changes in American parks reflect shifts in the greater American culture. Cultural shifts often happen slowly over time, making them hard to identify as they are happening. Here, I used two corollaries: 1) the corollary of cultural change, and 2) the corollary of cultural diffusion to identify categories in which there has been cultural change at Auburn Park, in Auburn, Michigan. Data were collected through in person visits, historical images, and records of previous events that took place in these locations. This park has undergone recent infrastructural changes and provides an example of a landscape that is reflective of cultural changes. This information could be useful for any planner trying to create a shared space that will be used by the public for years to come.

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