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Biking in Hennepin County – Citizen Engagement as a Mobile Solution

Authors: Aaron Chisholm*, Penn State University
Topics: Geographic Information Science and Systems
Keywords: GIS, Biking
Session Type: Poster
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Designing a mobile GIS solution to promote citizen engagement between bicyclists and government officials promotes a safer bike-friendly community.

Minneapolis, and the Twin Cities in general, is home to one of the most bike-friendly communities in the US. The Three Rivers Park District, along with Hennepin County, continuously partner in an effort to build and maintain a robust bike-friendly transportation network to encourage this alternative form of transportation. In discussion with Three Rivers Park District, one identified gap in the current process is the capturing and better utilization of data reported by citizens in regards to safety concerns or incidents throughout the parks and trail system. The goal of the project is to design a template for the Three Rivers Park District to provide a connection between the citizens who use the parks and trails and the government officials who manage them. By providing maps, data, and information to the citizens, the citizens in return can document accidents, incidents, and other safety concerns that would provide usable data for planning or maintaining the current parks and trails system. Designing a mobile GIS solution would provide a convenient way for citizens to document incidents geospatially and give them access to up-to-date data including parks, trails, trail conditions, and other related public amenities.

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