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Synoptic Climatology of Cold Season High-Wind Events for the Great Lakes

Authors: Joshua M Gilliland*, Kennesaw State University
Topics: Climatology and Meteorology, Physical Geography, United States
Keywords: Climatology, Wind, Synoptic, Great Lakes
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This paper examines the synoptic characteristics associated with high-wind events for the Great Lakes region between 1973 and 2018. A high-wind event is identified when at least five NCEI first-order stations reported a sustained and/or gust wind observation that met or exceeded the National Weather Service high-wind watch or warning criteria. Based upon this definition, 109 high-wind events were identified over the 45 cold seasons (November to April) assessed for the Great Lakes. These cold season high-wind events will be further investigated through the application of reanalysis data sets in order to better understand the synoptic conditions documented in the region.

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