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Climate Change Damage & Analysis of April 2019 Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia

Authors: Ethan Culver*, Pennsylvania State University, Marc-Anthony Di Placido, Penn State Department of Geography, Ian Kennedy, Penn State Department of Geography
Topics: Hazards, Risks, and Disasters, Climatology and Meteorology
Keywords: climate change,flooding,Indonesia,remote sensing,geography
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In late April 2019, torrential rains triggered widespread severe floods near the Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, on the island Java, inflicting significant damage on people, communities and infrastructure. These events followed a generation of extensive climatic change and physical geographic alterations to the island's terrain and environment. Sea level rise and land subsidence have severely threatened communities along the coast for the past several decades. Our team performed remote sensing operations, study, and analysis on this coastal area of the years leading up to these extreme flooding events and of months after it to analyze the physical changes that continue to damage the major island, specifically the capital Jakarta. In August 2019, Indonesia officially began the process of moving its capital away from Jakarta to the province of East Kalimantan on the island Borneo to escape the continuous climate change threats. Our analysis assists in understanding the past, current, and future environmental threats to the island's community and making informed, scientific policy decisions.

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