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The home range analysis and habitat land use during the migration of endangered Oriental White storks (Ciconia boyciana)

Authors: Xu Xu*, , Zhiyong Hu, Professor
Topics: China
Keywords: oriental white stork,home range,land use
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Land-use change and wetland degrade resulting in habitat loss and species displace, especially for water birds. Home range sizes and habitat use have the benefit of behavioral analyses and subsequent conservation strategies. Here, we conducted a study to assess the home range sizes and habitat land use of endangered oriental white storks (Ciconia boyciana). Four oriental white stork nestlings from 3 different nests were tracked by miniaturized multi-sensor satellite transmitters (PPTs) from July to October in 2016. The home range of four nestlings was estimation according to kernel density estimation with home range extension software. We analyze the variation in home range size and habitat land use across the different individuals and different regions. Our results show that home range sizes were considerably larger in the post-fledging period than in the nestling period. Individual also show significant variation in home range size. This species prefers marsh wetland and paddy fields to inhabit. As conservation strategy guidelines, we recommend the reclamation cropland back to the wetland and the creation of small marsh at the lowland. 

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