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Study on soil erosion in Xinfeng River Watershed with RUSLE

Authors: Huiyin Wan*, University of West Florida
Topics: Soils, China
Keywords: Soil erosion, Land use and land cover change, Xinfeng River Watershed, RUSLE, GIS
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Soil erosion is becoming one of the widespread and severe environmental issues in recent years. It can directly lead to reduced agricultural productivity, land degradation and water pollution as well. Xinfeng River Watershed, located in the Guangdong Province, China, is a drinking water conservation area and an important cultivated area, which has a great influence on drinking water safety in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. Study on the impact of soil erosion in Xinfeng River Watershed helps to gain a clear understanding of the current water pollution situation and how human activities affect the water environment. The aim of this study is to calculate the amount of soil erosion with the integration of GIS and RUSLE model, analyze the spatial distribution as well as the relationship between land use and land cover change (LUCC) and soil erosion and thus, put forward some advice on the control of soil erosion in Xinfeng River Watershed.

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