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“3D” China Tourism-Appreciation and Analysis & Exploration(Part II Humanity)”

Authors: Ningxi Zhao*, Nanjing University (NJU)
Topics: Geography Education, Tourism Geography, Cultural Geography
Keywords: “3D”CHINA,Tourism-Appreciation,Tourism Exploration
Session Type: Poster
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At the Conference of AAG 2019, we presented "3D" Chinese Tourism Appreciation & Exploration (Part I Nature), in which we proposed the "spatial dimension" and "time axis." While the Earth has a history of 4.5-4.6 billion years, the human ancestors appeared about 2 million years ago, the individual life lasts 100-200 years, it is only a few decades for one person to explore the earth.

Although human life is short, in this humanity part, we try to open a brand-new window on the multi-dimensional civilization and human exploration of the earth, which is the 3D space of Chinese humanistic tourism—the ancient, modern and future time.

First, the 3D space of China's cultural tourism is first displayed according to the four stages of human exploration on earth. Then, the history of the Chinese tourism and civilization is reviewed, appreciated and analyzed according to the six elements of tourism: eating, inhabitation, travelling, sightseeing, purchasing, and entertainment, which unveils China tourism and civilization, dormant for 5000 years, as the only, uninterrupted and traceable human civilization in the world.

This unique 3D Chinese humanistic tourism reveals that the early civilized humanity's tourism and exploration was to know the earth, with a purpose of surviving and expanding the territorial scope, whereas the modern civilized humanity's tourism and exploration turned to the appreciation of the earth's vast and mysterious magic, with a purpose of obtaining the joy of the soul. In the future, the humanity’s tourism and exploration will expand to the universe.

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