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The Effect of Canopy Cover and Time on Dissolved Organic Carbon and Total Suspended Solids in Isolated Pools in SW Ohio Streams

Authors: Izzy Aristizabal*, , Bartosz Grudzinsku, Miami University, advising professor on this project
Topics: Water Resources and Hydrology, Environmental Science, Geomorphology
Keywords: DOC, sediment, streams, rivers, canopy cover, hydrogeography, hydrology
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Carbon cycles through forests, soils, and streams and is a vital component of stream metabolism. The goal of this study is to determine if canopy cover has an effect on the concentrations of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and total suspended solids (TSS) in isolated stream pools. Water samples were collected bi-weekly from four pools on each of four streams within the boundaries of Hueston Woods State Park in Southwest Ohio from September 29, 2019 to November 17, 2019. Canopy cover was measured once on October 20 using a densiometer. This study did not reveal a relationship between canopy cover and concentrations of TSS and DOC in isolated stream pools, however, a temporal trend emerged. Over time, concentrations of DOC and TSS decreased, potentially due to dilution with increased water levels. This trend could be of interest for future studies on the seasonality of these variables.

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