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The Implications of Converting Rainforests into Commercial Agriculture in the Amazon

Authors: Melody Sipe*, Pennsylvania State University, Anthony Moran, Penn State University, Chance Feighner, Penn State University, Ian Varney, Penn State University, Zehao Qiu, Penn State University
Topics: Land Use and Land Cover Change, Human-Environment Geography, Agricultural Geography
Keywords: Rainforests, Land Use, Agriculture
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The focus of this research is to look at the implications for humans and the ecosystems associated with rainforests, when the land is converted into commercial agriculture. Rainforests benefit space outside the reach of forest boundaries by sequestering large amounts of greenhouse gases and by regulating the climate. They can be considered the oldest and richest ecosystems. But, the demand for development and natural resources create pressures for land use change. Population growth and high rates of consumption by society cause the need for the production of particular goods in large quantities. The act of large-scale production may create irreversible consequences for the future, since it is changing the composition of the land. By understanding the environmental, human, and social relationships, then information could be applied to finding solutions to these complex systems. The purpose of this project is to supply more insight to the complicated issues surrounding human need, agriculture, and land use change, because there is significant uncertainty in how human use of the environment will lead to future instability.

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