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Stonewalls of Chesterfield, New Hampshire

Authors: Isaac Thompson*, Keene State College, Michael Lappen*, Keene State College, Sydney Dudda*, Keene State College
Topics: Historical Geography
Keywords: New England, Stonewalls
Session Type: Poster
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Our poster is a summation of our project, which was to observe and analyze stonewalls throughout Chesterfield, New Hampshire as stonewalls are some of the most recognizable features in New England. There is much that can be learned from what may seem to just be an ancient historical marker. We aimed to learn all we can about New England's stonewalls with a focus on those existing in Chesterfield, New Hampshire. The main questions we answered are: how the land surrounding the walls has changed, what is the history of stonewalls in New England, where are the locations of stonewalls today, what is being done to preserve these stonewalls, and assess if slope has an impact on the degradation of the stonewalls. We believe that if stonewalls are running perpendicular to the slope then there will be significant degradation of the stonewall because there is a greater likelihood that it will be damaged due to the downhill movement of mass down the slope. Using new LIDAR data along with old land use maps containing walls and our own research we have answered these questions. Some of the methods that we have incorporated are public surveys, field research, and an analysis of remotely sensed images. Once we collected enough data, we formed this poster as well as a research paper.

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