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Mapping Religion in Space and Place.

Authors: Dylan Evans*, University of Exeter
Topics: Religion, Cultural Geography, Behavioral Geography
Keywords: Religion, Cultural Geography, Behavioral Geography, Georeligion
Session Type: Poster
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This poster hopes to provide brief highlights of what is the otherwise boundless study of religion. Commenting on the current state of georeligious study, as well as its historical origins and likely future projections, this study draws on a wide expanse of disciplines including, but not limited to, anthropology, history, comparative mythology, colonial history, art, religion, and cultural geography. The visual aide offered by this format accommodates the presentation of mapping religion in space and place, with subsequent analysis and discussion centring on the reciprocal impact of space and place on religious belief.
With a limitless number of opportunities for visualizing this strand of geographical enquiry, the chosen focus is the temporal spread of global religions throughout place, with reference to key cultural hearths. Further examination into the role of such diffusion and places in shaping space will be facilitated at a more abstract level of conceptualization.
The study hopes to further understanding of the current role of geography in this discourse, whilst offering insight into the importance and evolution of further academic and cross disciplinary exploration.

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